Panic Attacks During Pregnancy: How Will It Affect Your Baby?

by Anxiety Research

Pregnancy causes significant changes in the body.  Emotionally, women also undergo some phases that could drive them to worry about their pregnancy or they become too excited about the arrival of their baby.  The extremes in these emotions can affect their moods. Either they worry too much or become too keyed up – which can trigger panic attacks during pregnancy.

Pharmaceutical Drugs and How It Will Affect Your Baby

During pregnancy, women are told to avoid drugs that can harm their babies.  Some women though, make the great mistake of self-medication to get rid of anxiety.  How will it affect your baby? It is now scientifically established that mothers who took anti-depressants during pregnancy have babies who develop complications at birth.  These babies have seizures, feeding problems, difficulty breathing, muscle rigidity, and withdrawal symptoms from the drug.

Knowing the side effects, would you still try anti-depressant drugs?  No.  Fortunately for all mothers who are experiencing panic attacks while pregnant, there are safer and natural ways to deal with panic attacks during pregnancy.   However, it is cautioned not to take herbal medications because these have natural chemicals that should be avoided during pregnancy.

It is always best to consult your doctor about the alternative treatments for panic attacks because women have different pregnancy problems, and some may be having difficulties with their pregnancies.  If a doctor also prescribes medicines, also discuss its side-effects, and the potential harm it can do to your baby.  But it would take a lot off your mind if you deal with your panic attacks the safer way – no anti-depressant drugs, no matter what medical books say.

The Safer Way to Deal with Panic Attacks

If you feel that an attack is coming on, make yourself comfortable and take a deep breath.  Do these relaxing techniques-clench your hands and slowly release it.  You can feel the release of the tension.  Do this repeatedly and with other parts of your body’s muscle groups. Under the supervision of a trained and licensed therapist you can learn the proper techniques to help you relax your body.

Diet is also another area where you can get relief for panic attacks.  Eating food with tryptophan – a naturally amino acid – are natural body relaxers.  This is available in milk, nuts, soy, cheese, peanut butter, oats, bananas, and sesame seeds.  Carbohydrates from whole grains also increase the serotonin levels in the brain, which promotes appetite and sleep.   Also avoid being dehydrated.  Dehydration does something to your mood so drink lots of water.

Exercise.  If the doctor says that exercise will be good for you, then take constant walks but don’t tire yourself out.  These walks can tone your legs and help build up your strength for the eventual birth of your baby.

Enough sleep is also essential during pregnancy.  A rested body and mind helps you think happy thoughts and keep away negative thoughts.  This is a temporary phase; so get the best healthy option to deal with panic attacks during pregnancy and have a healthy bouncing baby.

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